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Welcome & Enjoy

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Something Different

My First Professional Job! This animation was a pleasure to do the sound design and music for! I loved every second of this process and it was awesome to work in a professional setting.

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Petrichor - Composition

Petrichor is a piece written for and performed by two of the Fidelio Trio. I wanted to explore the two instruments and how they can used each other throughout the piece, it follows the feeling of a great expance, someone embarking on a great journey.

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Screen Dance CoLab

This was one of my frist collabarative projects for film. This project was filmed over a week where young creatives came together to make a piece of media in a short space of time, Dancers choreographed, film makers planned shots and we the composers, made the music. This was an amazing opportunity led by Richard Shrewsbury and Sima Gonsai.

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Line Reading - Short Film

I was brought in to work on this short film by Luke Furmage and Eban Lewis, They needed a short track to help boost the emotive section of the film and this piece was composed and edited in a day.

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Sensory Minefield - Short Film

I worked on the foley for this short film, It was such a fun opportunity as it was my first real attempt at foley artistry. It was amazingly fun editing the outdoor ambience and bird calls to make them sound as realistic as possible. Led by Luke Furmage, it was an honor to work alongside him to create fun and amazing create the sound for this film.

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111 Miles - Composition

This piece was writted for a collbaration between the Composition and Brass department of the Conservatoire. I wrote this piece over a month and expresses the feelings of longing when you are far from a loved one. This recording was a workshoped performance so it is not perfect but I am very greatful to get a taste of what my piece would sound like in a concert.

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Screenshot 2022-02-23 150453.png
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Fragments - Composition

Fragments, Written for the Tresonant Percussion Trio. With this piece I wanted to explore the resonance of the instruments and how you can create different sounds with the same instrument. I also loved using the silence along side the resonating sounds from the percussion which is where you get these little fragments and moments throughout.

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