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All About Aurora Sunn

Past. Present. Future.

Born and Bred in Birmingham, Aurora grew up in a thriving music scene. At age 7 she began learning the trumpet which lead to a passion for music, early on she became a pupil of potential earning a music scholarship through the Birmingham Schools Music Service, now known as Services For Education. 

Her love of music didn't stop there, with a love of singing she joined choirs and sang in her free time, and after hearing many beautiful piano pieces she began to teach herself to play piano. By age 13 she joined the band the Dirty Old Folkers playing trumpet and singing on one track, which evolved over time to her joining the band full time adding small compositions of trumpet parts for each piece, and joining in with the already established backing vocals.

Through this, she has played at many festivals including Boomtown, GlastonBudget, and the Moseley Folk Festival, and recorded on two albums for the band. She has also been given the opportunity to be a session musician for the bands independent country, malarkey, and the solo artist Anne-Marie Allen. 

Due to her proficiency in music, she successfully auditioned for Birmingham Ormiston Academy and did Btec in music for both GCSE and A level, leaving with a D*D*D* Grade. 

Aurora got her first taste for composition in a module during her Alevel years and knew this was what she wanted to do with her future, to produce the scores that inspire her and help make a film truly great.

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Over the past few years, Aurora has completed her studies at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Composition with Honors. 

Over this time she has learnt a huge amount of skills which she is now constantly using in her career. Skills like Orchestration, Notation and Knowlage of Digital Audio Workstations like Logic Pro X and Pro Tools.

For her final project at the conservatoire she directed her own 20 Minute short film "Wounded" to which she also did all of the Sound Editing, Mixing and Music Composition. This film has already recieved an Honourable Mention at the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival.

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Aurora wants to work in the film industry producing scores that help elevate a film to a higher level! 

She has been working towards this, working with Script Scirens and recieving a Best Score nomination for her work on Something Different. She has also been working with student film makers on their short films. 

Aurora is happy to work on scores and music for film, Sound editing and Foley. 

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